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2015-11-23  TCW

11月初,科技界新創活動展由Web Summit領跑,後交棒給芬蘭的Slush。全球這類新創比賽、展覽每年上百場,當紅形式就屬黑客松(hackathon):軟、硬體開發者結合圖形與介面設計師及專案經理的團隊,數十小時不眠不休競賽,就盼終獲金主青睞。


hackathon 黑客松(又名編程馬拉松)A:i will participate in a hackathon challenge held by a bank next week.

B:it's one of the most popular contests in the startup business ecosystem.what's your specialization?

(那時最熱門的新創活動!你主攻哪個領域?)fintech 金融科技(finance + technology)A:i am confident my fintech backgrouund will contrbute greatly to help our team succeed!

(相信我的金融科技北京必能助本隊成功。)B : You guys will brainstorm intensively to attain a solution within 50 hours, won't you?



A : The organizers have invited a panel of industry heavyweights to serve as judges for this event.

(主辦單位邀請業界重量級人士當裁判。)B : Your focus had better be on scal ing your mission to service mill ions of customers.



1.頭cater:滿足需要;迎合;投合2.to cultivate:培養、培育3.obsolete;過時的、淘汰的多益時事通工作團隊獨家授權

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