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Swee Seng Holdings (SS Credit/ SS Motors/ SS Leasing) 專區

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sgCarMart is filled with all the essential information for both car buyers and owners. With diverse sections, we cater to different people with different aspects of motoring needs. We focus on four competencies to support our users' needs.
With prices updated twice every month, this section contains the latest information on all new car models available in the market. The information depicts detailed description for all new car models and provides car buyers with a very convenient way to compare and choose their ideal car model and price.

With pricelists from authorized distributors and parallel importers made available for print, sgCarMart makes your car buying decision a breeze.

Additionally, the site has a built-in search engine that assists car buyers to narrow down their search. This saves them the hassle and time of viewing hundreds of cars.
This section aims to provide value added services for users to make a more informed and intelligent buying decision. The inclusion of key features such as updated automotive global news, carpark rates for all major zones in Singapore and updated COE results allows users as well as car buyers and owners to gain useful information.

Furthermore, our editorial team provides car reviews of the latest and most popular cars in the market to allow users to have a better understanding of the cars.
Complete with photos and pricing, sgCarMart not only possess the largest and most comprehensive database of used cars in Singapore. It also provides daily updates of listings of all major used car dealers and their current car lists.
Designed with the objective of being a one-stop car-related merchant directory for users, this section contains listings of motor related merchants from over 30 categories. Of which, full contact details as well as their products/services are made easily accessible.
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Swee Seng Holdings SS Credit Motors Leasing 專區
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