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After fandangling...........seems rekindling

To me, the greatest joy in the stock market are;

(1) Reading the cards correctly - just two/three weeks ago, before the world cup 2010 started, the world seems blustering fully about the Euro debts mainly from those PIIGS. Of course, attached with the action, hitting the EURO$ below the 1.20 level, it's just like watching a movie, knowing very well the protagonist's crying is for the show, but when crying with tearing and sniveling attached. During then, the crying seems real.

Same thing to the market, bad/good news flowing around with pricing-reaction. This is exactly how THEY manipulating it. who are THEY? THEY are bloomberg/reuters/cnbc/bbc and many others, I have been wondering who the hell are behind the THEY?

(2) Second joyful factor is, making money OR losing money. How to make money, a very straight forward question, and I know the answer too, it is pretty direct; DIY, a system that able to identify a potential company, ride along with the company. Keep on going with the same system with a very stringent discipline compliance.

Cakap BOLEH lah !! It's not so easy to stay discipline constantly. My very own method to stay discipline is, not to be so active in the market and always stay liquid, waiting for the opportunity.

For instance, one of the greatest player in the century. He sold off his controlling stake of a HK bank in year 2002, sitting on hefty cash pile of couple of billion US$ since then till now.

how about people like me, who never (not yet) a substantial shareholder of any bank anywhere of the world?

How to make a super profit from the stock market?

A glance of the past, a real big buck for those who ride along some of the Malaysia companies, which had gone through the transformation process from a green company to the super blue chipS.

I think, a lot of the cows are totally forgot about;

(1) Palmco Holding

(2) Austria Enterprise

(3) Hock Hua Bank/Public Finance

(4) Hume Industry/OYL

(5) Highland and Lowland

Those above mentioned companies were in the perfect position during then, riding high up the country economy cycle.

(1) Decent macro economy

(2) Right industry

(3) Not too bad fundamental

(4) Government wish, reciprocal with the policy. Again, every season has a reason.

Same strategy, but is to be applied in China/HK this round..............

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