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Patience .......is the key STILL !

hi ! James,
see the date and what I had put on the table. Look at what the market calling GMG now?

Investing is profoundly needed hell a lot of patience.
Without that, speculating in the property with decent leveraging, would be an idea instrument too. Goodthing about property is no daily price quote for viewing.

Some stocks, I have been holding for years. GMG is considered a mid-term play, but in between I had been traded it.

Again, I shall be available next Tuesday/Wednesday, confirm in due course.

thanks & regards

--- On Mon, 8/24/09, wrote:

[email protected]
Subject: GMG-Right issues
To: "Warren Oh"
Date: Monday, August 24, 2009, 7:04 PM
Hi ! Warren,

As mentioned this afternoon about participating GMG Global-Right issues. Before elaborating further, I hereby would like to declare my interest/position in this investment selection.

(1) You may have to double check all the facts I’m going
to put on
the table.

(2) I’m not a rubber expert or know a lot about the rubber business.
It is
purely from my “reading” as a small investor point of view and it meet most of my criteria to put some monies in it for mid-term.

(3) Unlike my previous speculation on East Asia Bank, which I was pretty much sure, if you still remember, a great rally after bonus issue 1 for 10 at HK$14 & dividends.

(4) Lastly, please forgive me if ever there is any error and correct me if you can.

My criteria for stock speculating in mid-term, briefly;
(1) Every season has a reason, I’m not buying anything just because it’s cheap or undervalue.

(2) Every selection has to be attached with an impetus for its price to be accelerated.

(3) Very important to warm-up prior loading-up any heavy

MGM Global-Right Issues;
(1) 9 for 10 @ Right price SGD0.055.
(2) 1,818,544,446 @ $0.055 to raise SGD$100 million for Future Acquisition.


(1) I had been trading on this stock prior till G.O in July 2008 by Sinochem International Corporation, a listed company on Shanghai Stock Exchange. Some players behind... made and lost money before.

The market mechanism;

(1) The theoretical ex-price was $0.092, based on the last cum-price of $0.125.

(2) First day trading after ex (Friday, 21 August 2009), mother price dropped till $0.105 and PAL was trading at the ranged-down from $0.05 till $0.035.

(3) On Friday, a few big blocks, about 50 million PAL was crossed at $0.03/35 level.

24 August 2009; (1) GMG-R, closed at $0.035, transacted 200,087,000 shares. Out of that, 142 million shares crossed mostly @ $0.03 cent with about 20million shares @$0.035.

My market reading on the above scenario;
(1) Market over reacted towards its LOW right issues price. This is normally happen whenever a low right issue/placement price, the market just sell down and off course, those will be happily accumulating at the other end. As a contrarian’s strategy, I always love to buy any non- speculative stock under ordinary market situation.

(2) Heavy arbitraging in between the mother & PAL.

(2) Other than that, I’m totally don’t understand why should a company value dropped so drastic? Again, I would like to emphasize; the right issues is for future acquisition, rather than for debt-settlement.

(3) Based on the two days observation, I would like to take the PAL at 0.03/035 is at the bottom benchmark.

Micro interpretation;

(1) Based on the closing price, PAL is trading at a discount against its mother price of 16.67%.

(3)See the attachment, according to the balance sheet as of 30th June 2009; the NTA is about $0.14 cent, at $0.09 (during the crisis price) entry- level is approximately 55% discounted against its NTA.

(4) How about the earning?
GMG Global earning had been at a stable tight range in year 2008, made a lot of profits in year 2007. How about the prospect? What I know is the rubber price is closely tagged upon the automobile industry. The only country automobile industry is doing extremely well is China. (I have been trading some China automobile stocks in HK market and know a little bit of their fabulous financial results recently)

(5) Don’t forget, the earning was from Europe and US before taken over by Sinochem International Corporation (Paid 51% stake at $0.26 per share).

(6) I don’t know exactly how the earning prospect is going to be, but I’ m quite certain; given the current global economy momentum, rubber price shouldn’t be doing so badly, which ought to be translating a set of good earning for GMG Global Ltd.

I always ask about risks involved in any speculation; in this context, whether it could be possibly a/some rubbish injection to take out the $100 million from this company?

Please check the below web; http://www.sinochemintl.com/en/2media/1_detail.asp?id=381

Thus, I think and I would say, the possibly rubbish injection is quite low. Given,
Sinochem International Corporation, the major shareholder’s entry cost is $0.26 plus this right issues subscription & under writing.

Other risks, I may not know such as;
(1) The fluctuation of rubber price,

(2) Geo-political/country risks in Cameron, South Africa & Indonesia? I think, being a Malaysian, whom is forced to invest abroad, inevitably to take certain degree of risks. Well, this is our career/life, dealt with it then.

(4) Worse case scenario? I think, at $0.09 cent backed with almost $0.055 cash per share. We are buying into this business at only $0.035/4, I don’t see any severe risks behind? If you know any, please tell me.

When to cash out/sell;
(1) As I said, every season has a reason; an impetus is expected to boost the share price with the $100 million future acquisition.

(2) Highly likely to participate in the robust China automobile industry,which is to deliver a good set of earning given its major shareholder background.

(3) Who the hack had been absorbing the crossed block of shares (PAL) and via open market? Are they buying for long-term or fun??

cheers !

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IFAC Webb, other key business leaders interviewed by IFAC (Webb, 其他主要商業領袖IFAC訪問摘錄)

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隔牆有耳:惡搞《版權條例》千條修訂萬能 key

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http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/te ... 104&art_id=16303436


替補機制嘅修訂仲未玩完,嚟緊網絡 23條嘅修訂就更加精采。其實咁多條修訂都係萬變不離其宗,秘訣就係善用「萬能 key」,例如其中一項就豁免二次創作描述「不同人物」涉嫌干犯「不同罪行」嘅修訂,大嚿就惡搞呢兩個 subject,不斷換上特首、影視紅星、歌星、共產黨員、司局長等不同身份,罪行就輪流用上亂倫、強姦、獸交、謀殺、收受利益等不用字眼,咁就演變出逾百項修訂案。
舉個例,其中一項修訂,就係要喺條例中加入「用於描述或評論涉嫌『收受利益』的『任何中國地下共產黨員』的影片或聲音紀錄除外」,唔鍾意呢個配搭?可以改為「涉嫌『煽惑叛變』的『任何立法會議員』......」咁又得咗,咁樣無限 loop修訂,簡直係可以「修」之不盡。

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憶蓮《歌手》衰太穩陣 迪瑪希升Key飆高音攞第一

1 : GS(14)@2017-01-31 03:13:29

張敬軒被爆遭內地封殺,喺湖南衛視節目《歌手》被消失,於是大家再關注呢個節目!上個禮拜播出嘅第一集,唔少網民都金睛火眼去搵軒仔喺邊。結果就算CG點勁,劇組點努力剪走有佢嘅片段都好,總會喺畫面某個角落,發現紅頭髮嘅軒仔!由於軒仔喺第一集已經被消失,所以前晚出街嗰集《歌手》畫面睇落舒服好多,少咗突如其來嘅大特寫,又少咗啲偏左偏右冇中間嘅鏡頭,而且仲可以見到一班歌手坐定定喺休息室wide shot。不過有啲嘢,點都唔會變,就係台下觀眾嘅反應!當歌手們喺台上獻唱,台下觀眾都表現得勁入戲,都唔知佢哋係咪真係聽得明。無論係迪瑪希、定係林憶蓮唱緊歌,觀眾照舊如痴如醉、喊晒口,唔講仲以為節目叫《我是觀眾》。大陸歌唱節目嘅特色,點可以唔提「X叫」!歌手聲嘶力竭地飆高音,台下觀眾跟住high!第一集唱《一個憂傷者的求救》嘅迪瑪希,喺第二集佢又揀咗俄羅斯歌手Vitas嘅作品《Opera2》,相信台下都冇乜邊個聽得明歌詞。不過迪瑪希多次「X叫」硬爆高音,連升3次Key,觀眾就high到企晒起身,完全符合國情!反觀一向被公認唱功一流嘅林憶蓮同杜麗莎,喺冇「X叫」加持之下,都係輸畀迪瑪希。賽果係迪瑪希第1位、第2位係譚晶、第3位係林憶蓮、第4位係獅子合唱團、第5位係杜麗莎、第6位係袁婭維,排第7位嘅光良於首輪淘汰賽出局!

來源: http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/entertainment/art/20170130/19913062
PermaLink: https://articles.zkiz.com/?id=324709


1 : GS(14)@2017-02-18 09:51:50


來源: http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/entertainment/art/20170218/19931936
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1 : GS(14)@2017-03-26 15:38:25

王灝兒(JW)前晚為無伴奏音合唱節擔任嘉賓,身穿黑色低胸透視裙的JW,被問到富二代男友葉韋彤(Tarzan)愛駒「一支梅」拉頭馬,JW特別興奮,她說:「係呀!我都好戥佢開心,我嗰日要去唱一個Annual Dinner所以冇去到,完咗都即刻趕去搵佢哋慶祝,好開心!」問到男友贏頭馬有獎金是否會送禮物?JW笑笑口說:「我淨係要key番我個頭落拉頭馬嗰張相度,因為我冇去到!」

來源: http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/entertainment/art/20170326/19969937
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