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Monkey with the FCUK t-shirt

Always love the Saturday morning, especially after a raining night, the air is so clean and fresh.

Checked the overnight markets. DOW closed at 10,193.39 +125.38 (1.25%). The content, I saw a group of monkey.

As I always tell others (also myself) to get the market defination right before elaborating further, how to profit from the market.

My defination of market;
(1) A place where legalized all the conman job. OR
(2) A place where, monkey see monkey do.

See the below content;

“Technically speaking we’re very oversold -- really that’s the understatement of the year,” said Walter Todd, who helps manage about $800 million at Greenwood Capital in Greenwood, South Carolina. “I’d rather be buying now than I would three weeks ago.”

“It’s an enormous document -- the devil will be in the details,” said David Katz, chief investment officer at Matrix Asset Advisors Inc. in New York, which manages $1.2 billion. “The early read is that it’s not as onerous as some feared.”

That is why I'm reminding myself, this is a typical;
Monkey see, monkey do market. After event's bull.................

Please be reminded, always STAY AWAY from the market.
Judge and analyse all the available facts and informations, make the very own decisions. Not necessarily has to be a contrarian, but it's a must.

If I'm wrong, at least I am fully awared of what is going on.VIGILANT in analysing all the facts and informations obtained and after the decisions, monitoring the risks stringently.

Don't be the monkey, with the FCUK t-shirt.
Monkey with the FCUK t-shirt
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monkey business震出上百人命?

2016-02-22  TCW

春節前夕,一場地震奪去上百條人命,猴年未至,全台就蒙上一股哀戚氛圍。維冠金龍大樓疑似偷工減料而崩塌,monkey business就是用來指責不肖廠商的不法情事;若地震打亂過年計畫,monkey wrench則是適當慣用語。

monkey business 見不得人之事解析:這組詞彙不能照字面解釋成「做猴子生意」,而是指輕則毫無意義的胡鬧行為,重則不道德、不合法情事,好比貪污、詐騙、偷情等。

例句:There must be some monkey business when establishing this building,which allowed the earthquake to cause great damage.

(建造這棟建築時必定有些見不得人的事,使得地震得以造成重大損害。)monkey wrench 破壞計畫解析:monkey wrench原指一種活動扳手,可以夾住不同尺寸的螺帽,以便旋到相配的螺絲釘上,後來引申為破壞計晝或行動的器具。

例句:I、 d planned to visit Tainan during the Chinese New Year holidays,but the earthquake threw a monkey wrench into my plans. (我原計畫農曆年假去台南玩,地震卻壞了好事。)解析:背上有隻猴子,肯定渾身不舒服,所以a monkey on my back就是指「被某人、事所煩擾」,也可用來指「戒不掉的癮」衍生用語get the monkey off my back則是「除去煩惱不快」。

例句:The earthquake caused a big crack in the wall ,which is really a monkey on my back.



monkey business 震出 出上 上百 人命
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