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臉書takes side in蘋果抗FBI

2016-03-21  TCW

日前,手機大廠蘋果打著保護客戶的旗幟,拒為聯邦調查局破解槍擊案嫌犯的iPhone個資,掀起一場用戶隱私與公權力爭議戲碼;旋即,臉書、Google等約30家同業公開表態take side in(選邊站)蘋果。全劇還沒落幕,蘋果的盟友陣容先聲奪人。

to take side in 選邊站A:It's interesting to see both Facebook and Google take Apple's side in the privacy fight against the FBI!

(蘋果和FBI之間的隱私戰都獲臉書和Google力挺!)B:It'S really a tough call to choose between securing a terrorist’s privacy and preventing potential attacks.

(保護恐怖分子隱私或協助遏止恐怖攻擊真是大抉擇。)to comply with 遵守(規定)A:Do you know most Americans still think Apple shouId comply with FBI orders?

(你知道多數美國人還是認為蘋果應遵守FBI的命令嗎?)B:Well,I’ll do the same thing but I may not be using Apple products afterwards.

(嗯,我也贊同,但以後我恐怕就不會再用蘋果的產品了。)unprecedented 史無前例的A:If Apple takes this unprecedented step,the security of all APPle customers would be threatened.

(蘋果若採取這種史無前例手段,客戶隱私權都受威脅。)B:Yeah,that means the government can always monitor our lives whenever they want!



1.to encrypt/decrypt:加密/解碼2.dispute:爭端3.to condemn:譴責


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