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澳門博彩系列(0880):Lanceford 的最終擁有人聲明

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(Hong Kong, 24 January 2011) Further to the public announcement issued today by SJM Holdings Limited (HKEx: 880) and so as to avoid unnecessary press speculation we wish to inform the public that the ultimate beneficiaries of the shares in Lanceford are Chan Un-chan (through Action Winner Holdings Limited) and each of Pansy Ho, Daisy Ho, Maisy Ho, Josie Ho and Lawrence Ho who each hold 20% of the shares in Ranillo Investments Limited.
For enquiries, please contact:
Joseph Lo
Tel: +852 3512 5033
Mobile: +852 9850 5033
Email: [email protected]
Crystal Chan
Tel: +852 3512 5032
Mobile: +852 9669 3632
Email: [email protected]
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Statement circulated on 25-Jan-2011 by Brunswick Group on behalf of Action Winner Holdings Ltd and Ranillo Investments Ltd (shareholders of Lanceford Company Limited)
In response to press articles
In light of the article published in the South China Morning Post dated 25th January 2011 headlined “Stanley Ho seeks answers from family members”, the shareholders of Lanceford Company Limited (“Lanceford”) namely Action Winner Holdings Limited (“Action Winner”) and Ranillo Investments Limited (“Ranillo”) wish to inform the public that all of the material steps which led to the issuance of shares in Lanceford to Action Winner and Ranillo were approved or authorised in writing by Dr. Stanley HO.
Further, it has been reported in the media that Ms Daisy HO did not respond to a letter from Dr. HO dated 5th January 2011. This is untrue. Ms Daisy HO responded to the said letter on 7th January 2011 and Dr. HO acknowledged in writing receipt of her response.
It is regrettable that Oldham, Li & Nie rushed to publicise these matters without checking the underlying facts in connection with the relevant transactions and we reserve our rights against that firm.
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澳門博彩系列(0880):Lanceford 於 2010年12月30日的股份分配申報表

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澳門博彩系列(0880):以何鴻燊名義發出,於2011年1月5日何鴻燊仍持有100% Lanceford股權

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