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7. Under the Aimstar Loan agreement, Yam agreed to lend HK$18,000,000 to Aimstar for three months at an interest of 17% above the prime rate. The repayment date of the loan was 2 January 2004. There is a receipt dated 2 October 2003 by Aimstar to Yam acknowledging receipt of HK$18,000,000 in cash.

Yam’s case is that when by mid-May 2004, the Aimstar Loan remained wholly unpaid, he introduced a company called Kingston Finance Ltd (“Kingston”) to the defendant with a view to see if Aimstar could obtain a loan from Kingston to repay the Aimstar Loan. According to him, eventually Aimstar was able to borrow HK$25,000,000 from Kingston. According to Yam, the amount payable under the Aimstar Loan was HK$21,600,000 odd if it was repaid on 20 May 2004, the total interest payable being HK$3,615,400.
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