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Red paint thrown at pair after firms go to court-百營環球資源(0761)、施展望

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Friday, December 10, 2010

The chairman of a listed company and his barrister were splashed with red paint outside Eastern Magistrates' Courts after they attended a hearing.

Bel Global Resources Holdings chairman Stephen Sy Chin-mong, 54, and his 49-year-old barrister were getting into their white vehicle yesterday when the paint was thrown at them.

Another car was also hit by paint.

There was paint on Sy's face and his lawyer had the substance all down his back and trousers.

It was not clear if there were one or two attackers.

A police spokeswoman said they have received a report of the incident.

The case was classified as criminal damage and the crime squad from Eastern District was investigating.


Earlier in the morning, Sy and his companies - Bel Trade Investment Holdings and Elite Dragon - were fined HK$48,000 for failing to disclose their liabilities.

They were also ordered to pay HK$41,838 towards court fees.

A company spokeswoman declined to comment as police are investigating.

Sy was formerly chairman of the board of directors at Po Leung Kuk.

He was a director for China Overseas Friendship Association and also a member of the Eighth Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Fujian Province.

He was awarded the Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Award and Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award in 1996.

2 : GS(14)@2010-12-17 11:59:38

The SFC no longer announces the prosecution of directors and shareholders for failing to disclose their dealings, so an incident like this one is about the only time you would hear about such a prosecution.

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