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Ticket tap turned off in Aqua rush

1 : GS(14)@2011-02-12 17:17:05

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評論: 很明顯地,假日票價是低估了。作為一個政府資助的團體(軟貸款及土地),海洋公園對公眾是有責任去增加收入及減少資助。所以假日的票價應該增加以減少需求。

Ocean Park reaches capacity of 36,000 (equal to 0.5% of the population of HK) and closes the gates. Comment: clearly the tickets are underpriced on public holidays. As a Government-subsidised entity (soft loans and land), Ocean Park has a duty to the public to maximise its revenue and minimise its subsidy. A higher price should be set on public holidays to reduce the demand.
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