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Coastal Logistics Group
With our relentless focus on efficiency, reliability and flexibility, our customers enjoy quality results and quantifiable value with every logistics project.
At Coastal Logistics Group, we specialize in the custom logistics necessary to keep your supply chain going, and keep your business on top. From warehousing to project cargo, CLG is The Solution you've been looking for.
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Our Story

Coastal Logistics Group is a third-party logistics provider that specializes in warehousing, project cargo management, packing & crating, paper logistics and custom solutions.
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Our Mission

To become your exclusive logistics partner and deliver quality service through innovation, responsiveness and integrity.
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Who we are

Coastal Logistics Group is a third-party logistics provider that specializes in warehousing, project cargo, packaging solutions, paper logistics and bulk transload projects.

At Coastal Logistics Group, our values are the cornerstone of what makes us great. There is integrity in every decision we make, and discipline in every action. We honor our commitments and earn respect through loyalty and professionalism.

We are CLG – and we look forward to working with you.
Solutions for today's economy

When the economy thrives, so does business. It's the challenging times, however, that we are truly tested. And from that challenge emerge the survivors. CLG has experienced continuous growth since 2011 and the foresight of our leadership has resulted in record revenues for over 8 years running.

By diversifying our services and processes, CLG avoids the inherent risks of a volatile market, proving that forward thinkers really do stay ahead of the game.

Choosing the right logistics provider can make all the difference in your supply chain, and we believe CLG is the solution to your logistics needs.

Chad Barrow, CEO

In addition to being Owner & CEO of Coastal Logistics Group, Chad is actively involved in community charities and industry associations. He is driven to be on the cutting-edge of technology within the logistics industry, constantly seeking new ways to provide superior service.

Richard Barrow, Chairman

Richard's experience in trade & service is invaluable to CLG and its partners, as he works with federal, state and local governments to increase growth within the logistics sector. Richard is an active member of the community and a supporter of various local charities.

David Turner, President

David has extensive engineering experience on a global level and manages all aspects of the day-to-day business, engineering and operational duties at CLG. He also leads the establishment of key performance metrics, continual process improvement and engineering solutions.
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http://www.hkexnews.hk/APP/GEM/2 ... ls-2016101102_c.htm
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1. 做船舶租賃,6隻船,37,000噸
2. 分期租及程租,前老佔60%,後者佔40%,前跌後升
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3. 風險: 集中主要客戶、期租時間短、依賴經常現金收入、租金固定無增、人、保險、競爭激烈、需求、規管、機械
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4. 1995年成立,兩位主要股東在1997年及2003年才成為大股東
5. 之後不停買船,2012年起每年增加1隻或2隻
6. 引入員工鄭先生,上市
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7. 得1至2隻船在香港運作,因為只有1個客,後來合約結束,生意都移回新加坡
8. 做運油船
9. 1大5小船,買緊隻大船
10. 1個客佔50%銷售,2個客佔70%
11. 回頭客增加,但都是10個客
12. 折舊、人工、油三大開支
13. 供應商好分散
14. 114員工
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15. 最大客戶是老闆的關連公司的大客戶,假成咁
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16. 葉杉林:1919
17. 智光先生:通達紙品、8242
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18. 私人搞油貿易生意加海上加油被剔除
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19. 德勤
20. 2016年盈利增16%,至290萬,重債
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