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Ztrader – Multiple timeframes trading 港股博弈


Usually we have our own set of favorable indicators that we use from time to time. However, sometimes we would like to apply different indicator sets to examine the stock in different way. It is troublesome to do this indicator configurations from time to time.


The Triple Screen Trading System http://www.investopedia.com/articles/trading/03/040903.asp , suggest that we shall view a stock in multiple timeframes, and apply different set of indicators on each timeframe to make a proper trading decision. I believe the Triple Screen Trading System makes a lot of sense. Reading short, intermediate and long term chart shall be a step one for stock analysis (although I did not do so in the past). To make such multiple timeframes view and comparison, it is quite time consuming.


Ztrader charting system is re-designed for fast switching between indicator sets and also display multiple timeframes at one click:


# 0980 hoping for a new trend started:




# 0700, it is not a good idea to short this stock while 3 trends are moving in the same direction:




# 1177 , may indicate a buy opportunity at the recent corruption event:



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