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最強購併年 megadeal衝40兆

2015-10-12  TCW



megadeal 超大購併案A: AB InBev and SABMIIer's 106 biIIion doIIar deaI Will rank among the six largest takeovers.

(百威、美樂啤酒的收購交易將名列史上第6。)B:I know.The volume of megadeals in 2015 has surpassed previous all-time records.

(我知道,2015年超大購併案的交易額創新紀錄。)hostile takeover 敵意收購A:In Taiwan, the tie-up between Siliconware and Hon-Hai hit the headlines after ASE's tender offer.

(台灣也是,日月光收購矽品後,鴻矽聯盟登上頭條。)B:Yes.Siliconware viewed ASE's tender offer as the first step in a hostile takeover.

(矽品把日月光的買斷合併視為敵意收購。)synergy 綜效A:The sharehoIders hope their companies' mergers wiII create greater svnergv anyway.

(股東只盼公司合併能1加1大於2。)B:The top executives could benefit ; the employees, however, worry about possible job Losses.

(高階主管得利, 員工只擔心丟飯碗。)


1. merger& acquisition:合併與收購2. tender offer:買斷合併3. strategic alliance:策略聯盟4. to reiterate:重申多益時事通工作團隊獨家授權

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