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希臘紓困案 IMF腳底抹油被抓包

2016-04-11 TWM

沉寂許久的希臘債務問題,這兩天又重回國際媒體版面。國際貨幣基金(IMF)歐洲事務主管湯姆森(Poul Thomsen)3月19日與同事討論未來紓困方案的電話,日前遭到維基解密公開。內容透露他有意讓IMF退出救助,藉此逼迫德國總理梅克爾同意希臘債務減免。看到這番內容,梅克爾當然不太高興,更不爽的是希臘,認為這是IMF寧讓希臘置身破產邊緣的鐵證。此外,今年七月希臘能否拿到紓困金,安度償債高峰,也因此添上變數。(蔡曜蓮)THOMSEN: They want to come to a conclusion. Ok? And the Germans raise the issue of the management... and basically we at that time say "Look, you Mrs. Merkel you face a question, you have to think about what is more costly: to go ahead without the IMF, would the Bundestag say 'The IMF is not on board'? or to pick the debt relief that we think that Greece needs in order to keep us on board?" …They are not going to come around to accept our views. Right? They are not! …The only comfort I have is that you cannot hang out there forever. You will have to wrap it up before the spring meetings.



come around想通例句:I have come around to accept his point of view.


wrap up成功達到結論,或總結概要例句:After ages of negotiation, we finally wrapped up the deal.


希臘 紓困 IMF 腳底 抹油 油被 被抓 抓包
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