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On the 25 May 2010, Quek Leng Chan increased the East Asia Bank (23) stake 2,500,000 shares at average $26.793, from 8.99% (182,778,726 shares) to 9.12% (185,278,726 shares).

An extremely interesting game;
(1) On the right, offering by HL to Eon Cap cash per share RM7.30

(2) Simultaneously, on the left, Affin is trying to grasp at around the price range too, assumed RM7.50 is to be offered. Actually, make not much different to the rich people.

The fact is; In 2007, Affin Bank issued a new share via placement to East Asia Bank of total 317,017,226 shares or 21.21% at about RM2.50.

East Asia, East Asia, I'm kambing......

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