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Hong Kong Retail Stock - English, finding and defining the subject.

英文教學: 在一段/句英文中如何找到主語呢?

"Sa Sa, the largest cosmetics store chain in Hong Kong, is expected to bear the brunt. Li said the rebound in its share price cannot be sustained despite its Tuesday rally of 6.5 per cent."

The part highlighted yellow was referring to the subject "Sa Sa"; The Green referring the subject will be the rebound in Sa Sa's share price, while the light blue areas are extra information for the subject of describing the "rebound level" of the share price. Remember it is the rebound of share price consider as the subject instead of just share price or Sa Sa's share.

"Multi-brand fashion house I.T limited jumped 3.61 per cent to HK$2.58 on Tuesday, but Li said speculation was behind the rebound."

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