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全球勞工運動:拒絕burn out

2016-05-02  TCW

近期,法國政府擬取消每週35小時工時限制,逾萬名勞工上街抗議,鄰近的德國勞工部長卻想禁止主管下班後透過通訊軟體干擾員工,就連英國、美國都確定調漲最低薪資。五一勞動節將至,工時全球第4長的台灣勞工是否也該拒絕過勞(burn out)?


to burn out 過勞;筋疲力盡

A:Germany banned its managers from contacting staff out of hours to prevent employees from burning out.


B:Wow,I wish Taiwanese government enacts the same policy.

(哇,真希望台灣政府也能制定這種政策。)to amend 修訂

A:However,France plans to amend the 35-hour workweek,which prompted the protest across France.


B:The government claims to help the economy by making it easier for companies to hire and fire workers.

(政府宣稱能重振經濟並讓企業彈性調整聘雇。)minimum wage 最低薪資

A:On the other hand,Britain thinks increasing minimum wage can in fact boost its economy.


B:If the government doesn't get the balance right,it will risk being unaffordable for small businesses.



1.culprit:罪魁禍首2.workforce:勞動力3.work-life balance:工作與生活的平衡4.compensatory time:補休


全球 勞工 運動 拒絕 burn out
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