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Notes: Combumbia Business School Value Investing talk by Jeremy Gratham.

1 Margin of Safety
2 Beware of Leverage
3 Diversification

Macro Risk -> Temporary Impairment

- Frequently deviate from fair value
- Have gravity to return to fair value

Asset class > Countries > Sectors > Large cap > small Cap

Career Risk
- Alternative job
- Education of client base

Momentum - Herd Behavior - Extrapolation
Quality outperformance

PE*Margin instead of pe alone
pe*margin should be negative correlated, but not so in reality. momentum causes such pattern

momentum performance not bad
momentum + value have good performance in history

35th bubble: the UK bubble
US high quality, no debt at all, cheapest
US Fair value 860, two step forward, 1.75 step backward
next bubble = Emerging market, commodity

Quite a good talk. A lot of stats about value strategy in history. pb, small cap are not really sound in history, they can be value trap especially in great bear market. Quality wins over time.

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