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Mavis employs only the best full-time tutors, many of whom are ex-school teachers and very experienced in their respective fields. They are completely committed and dedicated to not only teach your children but also help them strive for excellent results. Most of our tutors conduct extra lessons prior to major examinations so as instil confidence in the students under their guidance.


In addition to our specialised in-house curriculum, our full-time tutors constantly innovate to ensure that lessons are conducted in the most interesting and engaging way to ensure students enjoy what they learn and look forward to attending classes. These will automatically translate into tangible results. Our tutors regularly challenge the students with effective quiz based on the syllabus and conduct intriguing science experiments to inspire our students.


Our tutors go about planning and delivering their lessons professionally as they are not only well-versed with the syllabus but also very experienced. They will go the extra mile to help students clear any doubts and help to answer their queries in facing challenging examination questions.
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