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Totally contrarian because....

On 17 Nov 2010, HSI -478.56, 2.02% to 23,214.46....

looking around, apart from old rumours new flows, nothing really new. It's as if, meeting an old girlfriend on the street, what is really going to strike my mind would be;"ok! at least she is still around after broke out with me".

This is precisely the same situation in the market, what so big deal about those old rumours when you are so sure about the macro trend along the way,some old rumours that totally no sense of humour like an old girlfriend is to be seen either here or there occasionally, but it is an ex..... Grasp the trend tight and enjoying a totally contratian advantage of being able to be one step ahead than others.....(If I got it right)

Long is the calling. China property stock is in totally shit positions, let's go to buy some shits and sell as good as the gold price later.

Cheers !
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