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宏鑫控股(Hong Xin Construction)專區

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Company Overview

Hong Xin Construction Sdn. Bhd. was first set up as Low Construction Trading Co. on 1st September 1985. With the business continuously to growth and a number of diversify projects from commercial and residential projects, we had established Hong Xin Construction Sdn. Bhd. on 15th July 1996.

Our company stands for excellence and innovation in management and construction techniques. We create excels in the team atmosphere that the entire approach of our company is based on cooperative communications with our clients. We had achieved the certification of ISO9001:2000 in Jun’s 2008, which we believe through this quality management system.

Everybody benefits from this approach because it utilizes the knowledge and experience of all those involved. This philosophy, combined with awareness of and responsiveness to a constantly changing industry, help HONG XIN to maintain high standards and a solid reputation.

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