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Unity and Dragonite are both members of what we call the "Chung Nam Network". The shares are issued at a 68.8% discount to the net asset value per share of $0.96 at 28-Feb-2011.
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2011/12  一供二,供股價10仙
2010/12  合併後一供八,供股價36仙
2010/12  二十合一
2010/12  一供二,供股價15仙
2009/12  十合一
2009/12  一供一
2008/12  五合一
2008/12  十合一
2008/12  合併後一供五,供股價12仙
2007/12  一供十,供股價10仙
2007/12  十合一
2005/12  合併後一供十,供股價10仙
2005/12  十合一
2004/12  三供一,供股價14仙


http://www.hkexnews.hk/listedco/ ... TN20120207095_C.pdf

合一 投資 0913 發行 新股 三龍 集團 0329 執董 歐陽 啟初
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Dragonite and Radford are both members of what we call the "Chung Nam Network". The issue price is a 12.1% discount to today's close, for an issue size which is less than half the 44.8m shares traded today (30-Mar-2011).
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We have no information on Daisy Wong Fung Kwan, Viola Mak Siu Hang, Bryant Zhang Yu Tao, Hui Yick Fu or Yan Chi Ping. If you know who any of them is, or have more information on any of the other subscribers, please tell us.

A bit of trivia: Mr Lam married Betty Chong Yuet Wah, a cousin and sister-in-law of Li Ka Shing. She is the daughter of Mr Chong Ching Um, the founder in 1935 of Chung Nam Watch Co Ltd. He was the father of the late Amy Chong Yuet Ming and uncle of Li Ka Shing, who married cousin Amy. In 1989, Mr Lam and his wife founded Qualipak Manufacturing Ltd, which made packaging boxes for watches. In 1994, they sold it to Unisouth Holdings Ltd (now Willie International Holdings Ltd, Willie, 0273) for HK$136m in cash. Mr Lam was MD of Willie from 19-Jul-95 to 20-Jan-99, when he stepped down to chair Qualipak International Holdings Ltd which was spun off and listed on 30-Apr-99. After asset injections and a change of control, this became C C Land.

The Chung Nam network
In 1995 Willie acquired stock and futures brokerages which it renamed Chung Nam Securities Ltd (Chung Nam Securities) and Chung Nam Commodities Ltd (Chung Nam Commodities) respectively, and a shell company which had already agreed to buy a seat on the stock exchange and is now a brokerage called Radland International Ltd (Radland). On 6-May-97 Willie sold 60% of Chung Nam Commodities to CU Investment (Holdings) Ltd (CUIH). They hadn't sold it for long. On 26-Nov-97 Willie agreed to buy Hennabun Capital Group Ltd (BVI, Hennabun), which owned CUIH, from a company which was 52.73% owned by Joan Huang Min Chuan, the mother of Henry Chuang Yue Heng (Henry Chuang), who was already a director of Radland. Henry Chuang became ED of Willie on 1-Apr-98 and Chairman on 25-Oct-99, where he remains. His brother, Eugene Chuang Yue Chien, has never been on any HK-listed boards.

We pause to note that in the PCCW vote-rigging case, the judge held that 132 persons in whose names single board lots were acquired through Chung Nam Securities, and 18 persons in whose names single board lots were acquired through Radland, did so as a result of a plan devised by a Eugene Chuang. The judge also held that a plan had been devised by Pollyanna Chu Li Yuet Wah to induce employees of Kingston Securities and Golden Resorts Group Ltd, their friends and relatives, and clients of Kingston to purchase one to three board lots of shares (a total of 175 shareholders) and to sign proxy forms in favour of the Scheme of Arrangement to privatise PCCW.

In 1998, Willie reorganised Hennabun, which became the holding company of Chung Nam Securities, Chung Nam Commodities and Radland. The reason we are telling you this is that Hennabun subsequently became a financial lavatory down which other listed companies flushed their capital by investing in its shares or convertible notes, and some of those listed companies are or were run by people named in the list above.

On 15-Dec-03, Sinolink (controlled by Mr Ou Yaping) subscribed HK$75m for 50m shares (then 17.23%) in Hennabun (disclosed in a Willie circular of 24-Dec-03). $25m of this was impaired in in 2004, and the remaining $50m in 2005. Sinolink never named the investment.
On 3-Mar-04, Yugang (controlled by Mr Cheung Chung Kiu) subscribed HK$100m for 80m shares (then 20.56%) in Hennabun, disclosed in note 38(ii) of its annual report (thank heavens for post balance sheet events, which auditors insist on disclosing). In 2004 Yugang took a $30m impairment loss, and a further $50m in the half-year to 30-Jun-05. After the 2005 year-end, the investment was disposed of to an unknown buyer.
We consider Sinolink and Yugang to be on the periphery of this network, rather than in the core. Other peripheral companies which invested in shares or convertible notes of Hennabun included China Sci-Tech Holdings Ltd (0985), Beauforte Investors Corp Ltd (0021), Golden Resources Development International Ltd (0677), China WindPower Group Ltd (0182, then N P H International Holdings Ltd), China Investment Fund Co Ltd (0612) and Hanny Holdings Ltd (0275).

We're going to make this really simple for you. What we call the Chung Nam network currently includes Willie, Heritage, Forefront, two other companies we have not yet mentioned, Mascotte Holdings Ltd (Mascotte, 0136) and Freeman Corp Ltd (Freeman, 0279), and two Chapter 21 investment companies, Radford Capital Investment Ltd (Radford, 0901), and Unity Investment Holdings Ltd (Unity, 0913) which are both managed by CU Investment Management Ltd. Radford and Unity do very little but invest in other companies in the network, and there is a history of inter-dealing between these companies, even though at the times of most such transactions, they have not been "connected" within the meaning of the Listing Rules.

Freeman recently reacquired a controlling stake in Hennabun from Eugene Chuang in a deal which completed on 30-Sep-09. The circular dated 30-Jan-09 contains an accountants report (p157 of PDF) shows that Hennabun lost HK$516.1m in the 3 years and 9 months to 30-Sep-08. Note that we say "reacquired": Freeman first acquired control of Hennabun from Willie back in 2006 (before selling it to Eugene Chuang on 29-Jun-07), so there is another accountants' report in the acquisition circular dated 24-May-06 (p46 of PDF) which shows that in the 2 years ended 31-Dec-04, it lost HK$562.6m. So that means that in the 5 years and 9 months to 30-Sep-08, it lost a total of HK$1,079m. We don't know what they made or lost in the year which passed before completion of the acquisition.

The bulk of this track record was net bad loan provisions of $637.9m. It also made a loss of $195.5m in 2005 on disposal of subsidiaries which owned more loans. At least some of those loans were made to companies in which Willie said, in note 43(b) of its 2003 annual report, "a brother of a director" is also a director and/or substantial shareholder. Perhaps they were referring to Eugene Chuang, brother of Henry Chuang. At the end of 2004, two subsidiaries of Hennabun held loans in the amount of $291.62m, of which $200m had been guaranteed by "a director of Hennabun". During 2005, these and possibly other subsidiaries were disposed of at a loss of $195.5m.

The table below shows that the combined net loss of these companies in their latest financial year (Dec-08 or Mar-09) was HK$3,127m. Over the last 5 years, they have lost HK$6,201m (US$795m). We exclude Mascotte and Forefront before 2007 when they entered the network.

At any given time, large chunks of the stock in these companies (over 30% in most cases) is in the custody of Chung Nam Securities. The Webb-site CCASS Analysis system shows you the current holdings of Chung Nam Securities, including many of the other listed companies mentioned above. The losses are financed by repeated placings of shares and convertible notes (often with each other), and rights issues. The resulting dilution necessitates repeated consolidation (reverse split) of the shares. For example, Freeman has consolidated by 500,000 to 1 since 1998, and Heritage has consolidated by 1,000,000 to 1 since 18-Sep-01. It is difficult to conceive an easier way to lose your money than investing in the Chung Nam network.
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感謝樓主你的講解^ ^


一是為何還有投資者買這公司的股票? 橋唔怕舊, 最緊要受. 每年都唔少新人入股海... 加上報紙又煲下, 實會有人買的.
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感謝樓主你的講解^ ^

1. 因為以為有錢賺,同埋d人唔知
2. 大手成交有幾難做,你自己一買一賣都得的,他們有配套的
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一是為何還有投資者買這公司的股票? 橋唔怕舊, 最緊要受. 每年都唔少新人入股海... 加上報紙又煲下, 實會有人買的.

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三龍 國際 0329 發行 新股 予萊 萊福 資本 0901 執董 董蔡 蔡家 家楠 小姐
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金沙 中國 1928 接受 證監會 證監 調查
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